We believe that the key to
overcoming poverty in the
World is education.

Do you realize that there are
young people in Belize and the surrounding areas that have
no opportunity for the
education that many of
us take for granted?

The solution is simple:
We give our students an
opportunity to obtain an
education, regardless of

Our students can master
subjects such as High
School Physical Sciences,
Biology, Math, and Basic
English skills.

We can provide this
opportunity in areas that
have no internet services.
How do we provide lessons? Through World Home School, students in remote areas, who may or may not not have access to the internenet, are provided with an instructor who records weekly lessons on DVD. Students are provided with a viewing device, usually a small portable DVD player, video lessons, worksheets, weekly video reviews, quizzes and tests.
For more information, please contact please contact John Davenport or Ray Jordan World Home School 
USA: 01 843 543 4199 or in Belize: 011 501 623 1710
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The mission of World Home School is simple:
We strive to reach the
unreached, to provide free
anyone in rural areas,
who have the desire
home school education to
to learn, but do not have
the resources to obtain an
education by any other
We serve those students
who live in areas that do
not have access to the
We serve those students
who do not have the
financial resources to
attend a physical school.
We serve those students
who live in areas where
there are no schools.
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"Education enables you to do what you choose to do, rather than what you have to do." J. Davenport
"No man can succeed beyond the limits of his own character." J. Davenport
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